US Advised to Drop Hostility Toward Iran

US Advised to Drop Hostility Toward IranUS Advised to Drop Hostility Toward Iran

The United States should abandon its hostile approach toward Iran and engage in fence-mending dialogue, which could greatly contribute to peace efforts in the Middle East, said an article recently published by the Register-Guard.

"We have cooperative relations today with countries that are ideological and geopolitical adversaries, such as China, Vietnam, Russia and recently Cuba. Why must we remain hostile toward Iran, with its strategic geography and integral place in the fabric of the Middle East?" the article said.

"It's time for the United States to reach out to Iran and begin a conversation about resolving historic disputes and building a common vision of the future. Warming of relations between the United States and Iran could be a path toward stability and prosperity in the Middle East."

US President Donald Trump has taken a hard line against Iran and a nuclear deal it brokered with the six power nations under Trump's predecessor Barack Obama to get relief from international sanctions in return for temporary restrictions on its nuclear program.

Trump defied both allies and adversaries in October by refusing to certify that Iran is complying with the international agreement, and threatened that he might ultimately terminate the accord.

Despite Trump's criticisms, US allies have said they continue to back the 2015 deal, pointing to International Atomic Energy Agency's assessments that Iran has met the terms spelled out in the accord.

Trump has repeatedly accused Iran of sponsoring terrorism and used those allegations to impose several batches of sanctions against it. "Let's stop demonizing Iran. Our relations with that country in recent decades have been based on misunderstandings and habitual thinking. False stereotypes rule the common perception of Iran and its people. We need to reject those stereotypes and take a fresh look at this country, its people and its possible role in bringing peace and prosperity to the Middle East," the article said.


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