Three IRGC Forces Martyred in SE Iran

Three IRGC Forces Martyred in SE IranThree IRGC Forces Martyred in SE Iran

Gunmen on Sunday killed three members of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in an ambush attack near the border city of Saravan in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan, the deputy governor general of the province for security affairs said on Monday.  

Ali Asghar Mirshekari said, "Some terrorist elements in an ambush attack on Sunday killed three IRGC members and fled into Pakistan," IRNA reported on Monday. He said, "In a surprise attack, the terrorists who were waiting in ambush on the way of the IRGC vehicle shot dead the three IRGC members on the border (between Iran and Pakistan)."  

He added that after the attack, IRGC forces and border guards went to the region to investigate the incident. The spokesman for the paramilitary Frontier Corps in Pakistan's Balochistan province, Manzoor Ahmed, vehemently condemned the Sunday's terrorist assault.

"We are not pleased with such incidents in the border areas and we will never approve of such actions against our friendly neighbor (Iran)," the official said.

He cited the movements of drug traffickers along the joint border as the reason behind such incidents.

Saravan is located 340 kilometers south of the provincial capital Zahedan, very close to the border with Pakistan.