Sponsoring Terrorism Has Plagued Region

Sponsoring Terrorism Has Plagued Region Sponsoring Terrorism Has Plagued Region

The parliament speaker said the security crisis created in the region by terrorists has still not come to an end, since some countries are supporting terrorists and the US-led coalition formed to purportedly fight terrorism has proved to be nothing but a political show.

Speaking at the first conference on “Parliament and Sacred Defense” on Monday, Ali Larijani said, “The Iranian armed forces supported those who were fighting against terrorism and also helped the Iraqi government deal with terrorist groups,” IRNA reported.

“The chaotic situation has not been brought under control yet. Unfortunately, some states support them (terrorists) and formed a coalition to purportedly fight terrorism as a mere political theater, and this is a blight which has plagued the region,” he said.

He pointed to Iran’s role in addressing the crisis facing the region and said, “Iran acted appropriately and helped the Iraqi government put up resistance (against terrorist groups).”

The speaker described the armed forces as a great asset and said they are able to help protect the regional security, adding, “During the toughest crises in the region, Iran’s armed forces have helped promote peace in the region and reduce the threats facing the region.”

The senior lawmaker said the armed forces play an effective role in deterring the enemies from posing any threat to Iran, adding, “The strong presence of Iran’s armed forces helps bring peace to the region.”