Reaffirming Pledge to Back Lebanon Army

Reaffirming Pledge to Back Lebanon Army
Reaffirming Pledge to Back Lebanon Army

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council says Iran is committed to its pledge to provide aid to the Lebanese army to help it in its fight against terrorism.

"Iran will not hesitate to provide assistance to the Lebanese army if the Lebanese side makes a request," Ali Shamkhani said in an interview with Lebanon's al-Ahed news website, Fars news agency reported.

"Iran has expressed its readiness to help the Lebanese army and has held serious negotiations in this regard during the recent visit of Lebanon's Defense Minister Samir Moqbel to Iran," he said.

During his visit to Beirut in late September, Shamkhani told reporters, "The Islamic Republic decided to give a military grant to the Lebanese army."

The security chief said in the interview that Iran feels an obligation to back the Lebanese military in its battle against terrorists, expressing surprise that some groups in the Arab country are opposed to accepting Iran's offer.

The opposition to the offer of aid "sheds light on the ulterior motives" of the opponents, whose measures are in the interests of the Zionist regime, he said.    

On the campaign against the so-called Islamic State (IS), Shamkhani said Iran's support and advice helped Iraq to achieve remarkable achievements in the battle against the terrorist group, including preventing the fall of Baghdad and Erbil.

"Iran's assistance and consultations played an effective role in recapturing dozens of regions in Iraq (which had been seized by IS militants), lifting the spirits of the Iraqi army and volunteer forces, and breaking the back of Daesh (IS)," he said.

He said it is essential that the Iraqis maintain unity and cohesion in the confrontation with terrorist groups, expressing hope that the Iraqi nation would be able to achieve a final victory.