West's Pressure Aimed at Winning Concessions

West's Pressure Aimed at Winning Concessions West's Pressure Aimed at Winning Concessions

An analyst at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS) said the West's pressure on Iran is meant to force the country to make concessions.

In a news conference on Sunday, Vladimir Kozin said, "Iran's nuclear program should be dealt with free from any pressure by the West and the US," IRNA reported.

He continued, "The West exerts pressure on Iran over its nuclear program in an effort to obtain concessions from the country."

He stated, "In any negotiation process, there must be a balance of interests if the negotiating parties are willing to succeed. Without such a balance, no remarkable result can be achieved."  

He referred to the unprecedented political, economic and military pressure that the West has placed on Iran over the past years and said, "Putting pressure on countries like Iran has proved ineffective in compelling them to have constructive cooperation."   

He continued, "Iran is far from being a feeble state and it is sufficiently resilient to defend its own interests."

The analyst said Moscow also wants the resolution of the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, "but we should not succumb to the pressure by the West and the US regarding Iran's nuclear program."

Kozin stated that Russia and other friends of Iran emphasize the necessity to avoid putting any pressure on the country, adding, "I am certain that by refusing to pressure Iran, the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) will have a better chance of clinching a comprehensive agreement with Iran on its nuclear program by next June (the target date for a final deal)."