Unity Essential to Show Failure of Sanctions

Unity Essential to Show  Failure of Sanctions
Unity Essential to Show  Failure of Sanctions

A senior security official has lamented that some groups and media institutions that receive their funding from the administration are spreading targeted rumors against the government’s policies; rumors that he said can cause “irreparable damage to national unity.”   

Ali Shamkhani, who is the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), advised political factions and institutions to stand united behind the government and avoid actions that might undermine the administration’s plans aiming to strengthen the economy under current sanctions, IRNA reported on Sunday.   

Shamkhani said, “While the administration has adopted measures to stabilize trade and business environment and prepare the ground for boosting the economy; it is not appropriate to undermine the government’s initiatives by bringing up trivial issues.”

Those who express these biased attitudes under the pretext of criticizing the government’s economic policies are in fact “playing into the enemy’s hands”, he said.

“All branches of government and institutions must support the government’s special plans aiming to manage the economy and neutralize the effects of cruel and illegal sanctions.”

He said under the current circumstances, what the country urgently needs are “unparalleled unity, consensus and coordination among all branches of government, “ adding that only in that case the country would be able to implement the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei concerning the resistance economy.

He was referring to a set of principles set out by the Leader which mainly calls for measures to help boost domestic production to reduce reliance on oil revenues and counter the West’s pressure.