Rouhani, Larijani Send Felicitation Messages

Rouhani, Larijani Send Felicitation MessagesRouhani, Larijani Send Felicitation Messages

President Rouhani congratulated the heads of Muslim states on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birth anniversary. In messages forwarded on Tuesday, the president said, “Without doubt, one of the greatest missions of Islamic states is to identify and confront extremist and takfiri ways of thinking and to increase solidarity in the fight against violence.” Rouhani expressed optimism that through the teachings of the holy Qu’an, Islamic countries could enjoy deeper ties of unity and brotherhood, the president’s official website reported. Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani also extended congratulations to his counterparts in Muslim nations with an emphasis on the need for togetherness and unanimity. The text of his message reads, “In view of the recent victories of the region in the fight against takfiri terrorists, it is essential that the Islamic community stand united against extremism and conflict so that a bright future full of blessings lies ahead of the world.” Takfiri refers to an extremist interpretation of Islam, which declares Muslim detractors as apostates whose blood is lawful to shed.

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