Majlis Speaker: Nuclear Deal Was Necessary, Right Choice

Majlis Speaker: Nuclear Deal Was Necessary, Right Choice
Majlis Speaker: Nuclear Deal Was Necessary, Right Choice

Iran's parliament speaker on Sunday reaffirmed his support for the nuclear deal officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, saying it was a wise decision.

"Iran acted carefully with regard to JCPOA and chose the right path, which was necessary in view of the current economic conditions," Ali Larijani said in a televised interview on Saturday, IRNA reported.

The pre-deal sanctions, which were imposed on Iran over its nuclear activities, had strained the country's economy and hampered business activities.

Iran entered into negotiations with six major powers, namely the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany, which led to the conclusion of the nuclear agreement in 2015.

Under the agreement, Iran undertook to stick to key limits on its nuclear activities in return for the lifting of nuclear-related economic sanctions.

"Oil is being sold, insurance companies are proceeding through their work smoothly and exporters in petrochemical industries are working with ease," the top lawmaker said on the effects of the deal.

He also pointed to the antagonism of the US and Israel toward Iran and their efforts to undermine the deal and said, "The countries of the region and even European countries don't follow the United States, which is a significant point. We have to act in a way so as to isolate them."

The top lawmaker was referring to US President Donald Trump's anti-JCPOA stance and his threats to withdraw his country from the international agreement.

"We have to invest heavily on exports, but the conditions of our country and its regulations are not favorable, so we have focused efforts on modifying regulations to remove the obstacles," he said.

Larijani called on the government to consider incentives for exporters to assist them in stepping up their efforts.


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