Need to Bolster Economy Amid US Pressure

Need to Bolster Economy Amid US PressureNeed to Bolster Economy Amid US Pressure

A lawmaker stressed that Iran needs to strengthen its economy in the face of intensified US measures to pressure the Islamic Republic.

"Government officials should focus on fortifying the country's economy so that in case of new sanctions, we don't face a serious challenge," Jalal Mirzaei also said in a recent talk with ICANA.

He was responding to the US Treasury Department's new sanctions on a network of Iranian individuals and companies allegedly linked with the Quds Force of Islamic Revolution Guards Crops, which is in charge of IRGC's overseas operations.

In a speech in mid-October to announce the new American strategy toward Iran, US President Donald Trump declared IRGC a supporter of terrorist groups and tasked the US Treasury with imposing sanctions on the organization to restrict its access to funds.

Since Trump's orders, the Treasury Department has been trying to curb the economic activities of any company or individual it deems connected to IRGC by enforcing economic sanctions on them.

Pointing to Trump's dissatisfaction with the good rapport between Iran and Europe, Mirzaei said, "The United States is displeased that a positive atmosphere prevails between Iran and Europe, and [the Americans] intend to prevent our country's benefits from the positive outcomes of the nuclear deal through aggressive and unilateral actions."

Contrary to his predecessor Barack Obama, Trump has adopted a hard-line approach toward Iran. He last month decertified the 2015 agreement officially known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, labeling it "the worst deal ever". He has threatened to take the US out of the deal.

Now with Trump's move, which is in contrast with the commitment of other signatories, the US Congress has until mid-December to decide whether to reinstate sanctions lifted as part of the nuclear agreement. If congress fails to come up with a solution to meet Trump's demands, he has threatened to "terminate" the deal.


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