Government Urged to Reassess Relations With France

Government Urged to Reassess Relations With France Government Urged to Reassess Relations With France

A lawmaker called on the government to reassess relations with France, given the French officials' stance on Iran's missile activities and its role in the region.

"The government should reconsider its relations with France," Hossein Naqavi Hosseini also told Tasnim News Agency on Monday.

He made the remarks in response to French President Emanuel Macron who has called for the need to curb Iran's missile program and its regional activities.

The lawmaker said, "Despite France's special place in Iran's international interactions, particularly their post-nuclear deal agreements on energy and automotive industries, we see that they are following US policies in the region."

Macron said on Friday "we want an Iran that is a less aggressive power and for its ballistic missile program to be curtailed. But Iran is a regional power and we speak to them."

The statement prompted a response from Iranian officials, including Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to the Leader of Islamic Revolution, who said on Saturday, "It does not benefit Mr. Macron and France to interfere on the missile issue and the strategic affairs of the Islamic Republic, toward which we have high sensitivities."

Despite its strong support for the landmark Iran nuclear accord, France has aligned itself with the anti-Iran stances of US President Donald Trump who is a vocal opponent of the deal.

Although Paris insists on the need to honor the agreement, it had demanded Iran put an end to its ballistic missile activities and has even raised the possibility of imposing new sanctions on the country.

Iranian officials have repeatedly dismissed allegations against Tehran's missile activities, stressing that the program is only meant for defense purposes.

"French officials are fully aware of the fact that our missile systems are part of our country's defense strategy. Every country adopts measures to defend itself and neutralize any threats," Naqavi said.

In a recent phone conversation between Macron and Trump, the two sides agreed on the need to deal with Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran's clout in the region, Sky News reported.

The new development took place following Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri's surprise resignation, which he announced in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4.

Hariri accused Iran and Hezbollah of fueling tensions in the region and cited fear of assassination as a reason for his decision.


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