AL Resolution on Iran Dismissed

AL Resolution on Iran DismissedAL Resolution on Iran Dismissed

A senior diplomat rejected the Saudi-imposed Arab League resolution criticizing Iran as “rhetoric” that contrasts with many Arab countries’ policies to expand relations with Tehran.

“Instead of issuing repetitive and baseless resolutions, Saudi Arabia should stop its interference and pressure on Arab nations like Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria,” Fars News Agency also quoted Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari as saying on Monday. Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo, Egypt, on Sunday issued a resolution against Iran, claiming Tehran is destabilizing the region and threatening to “brief” the UN Security Council on Iran’s activities. Lebanon and Iraq stated their reservations about the harsher parts of the resolution. “Saudi Arabia is the main destabilizing force in the region and before raising any claim it must first stop its [intervention] in Yemen and Bahrain,” Ansari said. “If Saudis, as they say, are really interested in resolving regional crises, they should better join other regional countries’ efforts to advance peace initiatives on the Yemen crisis and stop following Israel’s lead,” he concluded.


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