No Proof Iran Behind Houthi Missile Launch

No Proof Iran Behind Houthi Missile LaunchNo Proof Iran Behind Houthi Missile Launch

A UN panel appointed by the UN Security Council says it has seen no proof of Saudi Arabia’s claims that Iran was responsible for the recent missile attack by the Yemeni Houthi fighters targeting Riyadh. In a confidential letter sent to UNSC diplomats on Nov. 10, the panel said they had seen no evidence to support Saudi claims that short-range ballistic missiles have been transferred to Yemeni forces in violation of UNSC resolutions, the US-based investigative website The Intercept reported on Friday. Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of supplying Houthis with short-range ballistic missiles, one of which was intercepted by the Saudi Air Force in midair before targeting an airport near Riyadh on Nov. 4. Top American officials, including US President Donald Trump, have also repeated Saudi accusations against Iran.

Tehran has strongly denied the claims. Riyadh used the allegation to justify the closure of all Yemeni ground, air and sea ports for several days. According to members of the panel, the tightening of Yemen’s blockade by the Saudi-led coalition was probably an attempt to impede the delivery of humanitarian aid to Yemeni civilians, which could push millions into famine.

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