Need for Strong Parties Underlined

Need for Strong Parties UnderlinedNeed for Strong Parties Underlined

A parliamentarian said the two main camps of the Iranian politics, namely principlists and reformists, have come to the conclusion that the formation of powerful parties will help them run the country more efficiently.

“Establishing inclusive parties is necessary and both principlist and reformist blocs have understood this fact,” Mahmoud Sadeqi also told ICANA on Tuesday.

The lawmaker, who is affiliated with the reformist camp, said the 39-year experience of Iranian politicians since the Islamic Revolution has demonstrated that the lack of a rigid structure in political parties is harmful.

Sadeqi said strong parties will allow principlists and reformists to better serve the nation.

“I’m referring to parties in the real sense of the word. They should have an ordered formation, recruit members and train them, plan for the future and put up a strong showing in elections,” he said.


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