Erdogan Set to Help Defuse Saudi-Iranian Dispute

Erdogan Set to Help Defuse Saudi-Iranian DisputeErdogan Set to Help Defuse Saudi-Iranian Dispute

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will travel to Russia, Kuwait and Qatar next week to press for a more robust diplomatic response to the escalating crisis between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which Turkey fears could unleash chaos across the region. Moscow, which has long enjoyed close cooperation with Tehran, has also sought in recent months to improve ties with Riyadh. Kuwait’s neutral foreign policy has allowed it to push for a resolution of the months-long rupture between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Al-Monitor citing Turkish newspapers said Erdogan will seek support for a solution, as long-simmering tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran threaten to erupt into a full-blown confrontation. Saudi Arabia accused Iran of an act of war following a missile strike from Yemen on Riyadh over the last weekend. Iran denied launching the missile, which was intercepted. Riyadh and Tehran back opposite sides in wars in Yemen and Syria.  Iraq and Lebanon are political battlefields and Saudi Arabia, joined by the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain, cut diplomatic ties with and imposed a blockade on Qatar in June, accusing it of supporting terrorism and cozying up with Iran.


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