Meeting With Al-Azhar Sheikh

Meeting With Al-Azhar Sheikh Meeting With Al-Azhar Sheikh

In a meeting with Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar on Thursday evening, the head of Iran’s Interests Section in Cairo said Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and Maraji (high-ranking Shiite clerics who are regarded as sources of emulation) have made special efforts to promote Islamic unity.

Mohammad Mahmoudian also called on Al-Azhar Mosque to play a more active role to foster unity among Muslims, IRNA reported.  He expressed hope that consultations between the Muslim world’s Ulama (scholars) would yield “tangible results” to help enhance Islamic unity and safeguard the interests of the Islamic Ummah.

Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, for his part, said the Islamic Ummah is being threatened with the enemies’ plots, adding that hostile powers want to provoke sectarian and religious conflicts in Arab and Muslim countries to meet their “illegitimate” interests.  Ahmed el-Tayeb added that Muslim scholars should endeavor to prevent division among various Islamic sects and promote understanding among Muslims.