Efforts Should Underpin Sustainable Development

Efforts Should Underpin Sustainable Development Efforts Should Underpin Sustainable Development

President Hassan Rouhani has said efforts should be directed toward fostering development.  

In an administrational council meeting in South Khorasan Province on late Wednesday, Rouhani called for balanced and comprehensive development in the country to meet the public’s demands and said, “We are (living) in the world of communications and competition and we should be able to push the country toward development by benefitting from our specific advantages and characteristics,” IRNA reported.

He said Iran enjoys geographical, historical and cultural advantages and the nation is highly motivated to support the country’s development, adding, “Iran is the most secure state in the region and helps establish stability and security in other countries on the basis of its commitments.”

Referring to the consequences of the 1980-1988 Iraqi imposed war against Iran and international sanctions, he reiterated, “The Iranian nation has resisted the sanctions and will continue this policy and it will definitely succeed in overcoming the challenges.”   

He highlighted the significance of management and prioritization of major challenges to achieve sustainable development and called for measures to attract foreign and domestic investments.

Rouhani stressed the necessity to have appropriate interaction with the world’s countries and said, “The president is responsible for preparing plans and devising strategies to help achieve sustainable development, which is the country’s priority,” adding, “We should try to establish constructive relations with the world in various fields.”

The chief executive touched on the resistance economy and its components and said, “The resistance economy is meant to make our economic system invulnerable to the enemies’ (actions).”