Europe Should Do More to Safeguard Nuclear Pact

Europe Should Do More to Safeguard Nuclear PactEurope Should Do More to Safeguard Nuclear Pact

A publication on the website of European Council on Foreign Relations warned about the consequences of the likely collapse of the Iran nuclear pact for Europe, saying the Europeans need to do more to block US President Donald Trump’s deal-breaking ambitions. “European governments and the EU should safeguard the JCPOA [the Iran accord] and vigorously plan for contingencies, should the US continue to backtrack on the nuclear deal,” said. The action plan was negotiated between Iran and the previous US administration and European powers, accompanied by China and Russia.   The prospect of profitable deals with Iranian counterparts, following the removal of economic sanctions against Tehran under the 2015 nuclear deal, prompted a post-deal influx of European business delegations into Iran. But those prospects have been dented by the hawkish stance of US President Donald Trump toward the pact. He has criticized the pact, which has rolled back Tehran’s nuclear development, for being too lenient on the Islamic Republic.  Trump wants Iran to be pressured over issues not linked with the nuclear deal that six major powers, including the US, signed with Iran.


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