UN Rights Report Flawed, Distorted

UN Rights Report Flawed, Distorted  UN Rights Report Flawed, Distorted

Iran rejected a recent report by a UN rights rapporteur, saying it has failed to take into account US sanctions on Tehran and thousands of victims of terrorist attacks in the Islamic Republic.

On Wednesday, Asma Jahangir, the UN special rapporteur on the Iran human rights situation, submitted a report to the world body, condemning alleged harassment of journalists and torture, among other charges, Press TV reported.

Jahangir said she had not assessed the impact of sanctions on human rights in Iran, as she was not allowed to visit the country.

Hassan Nejad, Iran's envoy to the UN Human Rights Council, said on Thursday Jahangir's report had portrayed "a flawed and distorted image" of Iran.

The report, he said, had turned a blind eye to illegal and unilateral US sanctions against the Iranians and 17,000 victims of terrorism in the country.

"The only determining power for support of human rights in Iran is the Iranians themselves and there is no need for outsiders," he said.

Nejad noted that Iran would welcome Jahangir if she wanted to visit the country, provided there were human rights rapporteurs for other 192 countries, similar to what has been assigned for Iran.


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