Rouhani Extends Christmas Felicitations

Rouhani Extends Christmas Felicitations
Rouhani Extends Christmas Felicitations

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday congratulated world leaders on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (PBUH) and the start of the new Christian year.

In his message, Rouhani wished a new year full of cooperation, peace, security and tranquility for all Christians. Rouhani also congratulated Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, and all Christians worldwide on the festive occasion.

"By proposing the idea of World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) that was unanimously approved at the UN General Assembly, the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to take a step on this path and it is ready to continue its efforts until achieving the ultimate and desired goal," President Rouhani added, IRNA reported.

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani also sent a message of felicitations to his Christian counterparts, in which he said, "Today the world community, more than ever, is in need of values such as justice, peace and fighting injustice, arrogance and ignorance that prophets of God have brought for mankind," ICANA reported on Wednesday.

Larijani added in his message that "Violence and extremism are among the pressing concerns of all nations and followers of divine religions whose freedom and security in many parts of the world, particularly in the occupied Palestine, Africa and Western Asia, are seriously under threat."

The Majlis speaker also underlined the necessity of strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation and the joint responsibility of legislative bodies in addressing the ills of the world, including injustice, discrimination and oppression.