No Int’l Limit on Conventional Missile Activity

No Int’l Limit on Conventional Missile ActivityNo Int’l Limit on Conventional Missile Activity

A military commander said there are no international agreements that set limits on countries’ conventional missile activity and Iran would not accept any restrictions.

Lieutenant General Masoud Jazayeri also said on Saturday defensive power is non-negotiable, given the threats posed by western states, Tasnim News Agency reported.

He said Iran’s defense capabilities constitute a “redline” for the country.

“The political bluffs and the pressure applied [by the West] are aimed at impeding the progress of the country’s defense might. By disregarding all of that, we will continue on our path,” he said.

Iran said its military capabilities are solely for defense purposes and pose no threat to other countries.

Washington has on several occasions introduced sanctions against Iran over its missile program. The European allies of the US have also voiced concerns over Tehran’s missile development program.

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