JCPOA Collapse Would Spell NPT’s End

JCPOA Collapse Would Spell NPT’s EndJCPOA Collapse Would Spell NPT’s End

A nuclear negotiator warned about the US aggressive approach to the Iran nuclear deal, saying a possible unraveling of the international agreement would be tantamount to the collapse of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

"If the JCPOA falls through, the NPT would fall apart too because the NPT directly concerns non-proliferation and access to a peaceful nuclear program," Abbas Araqchi told a Moscow conference on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the pact is formally known, Fars News Agency reported.

It was struck between Iran and five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, to give Iran sanctions relief in return for curtailing its nuclear program, suspected of pursuing military purposes.

Iran has always denied western allegations of a military aspect to its nuclear activities, insisting they only pursued civilian purposes.

The conference was also attended by high profile diplomats from some of the international parties to the accord, who were involved in nuclear negotiations with Iran, namely US undersecretary of state and lead nuclear negotiator, Wendy Sherman, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov and secretary-general of the European Union's foreign policy service, Helga Schmidt.

US President Donald Trump, a sworn enemy of the deal, declined to recertify Iran's compliance with the action plan earlier this month, a move that has drawn the ire of other signatories.

Trump's announcement has thrown the deal's fate into the hands of the congress, which is required by law to come up with a decision within 60 days over whether to withdraw the US from the landmark deal.

Trump also warned the congress and US allies need to work together to address what he calls "many flaws" of the pact, or it "will be terminated".

Ryabkov noted that by all accounts, Iran has fully adhered to its commitments, accusing Trump of holding the deal hostage.

"Trump's decision to declare Iran non-compliant means JCPOA has become a hostage to the US domestic policy," he said.

Schmidt reiterated the EU's case in support of the action plan, saying, "JCPOA is one of the pillars of the global security and is irreplaceable. Despite Trump's stance, it has been very effective and productive."

She talked of an upcoming trip to Tehran for discussions on the deal's implementation, but she did not specify the date.


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