IRGC Chief Warns Against New Syria Plot

IRGC Chief Warns Against New Syria PlotIRGC Chief Warns Against New Syria Plot

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has said the "enemies" are trying to create problems in Syria with the aim of overthrowing the Syrian government.

"The objective behind the enemies' efforts to create problems in Syria is to topple the current ruling system in Syria because Syria is in the Islamic Revolution front, so they make every effort to undermine it," Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said at a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, the Fars news agency reported.

On Iran's response to possible US attacks on Syrian air defense, the IRGC chief said Iran would certainly take political measures in this regard, but it would not take "direct military action."

"The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to back Syria. Such a deplorable action by the United States would be from a tyrannical position. They will regret if they take such an action," he said.  

Reuters quoted unnamed senior US officials as saying on Monday the Syrian military's air defenses would face retaliation if Syria attempted to respond to US airstrikes that are expected against Islamic State targets in Syria.

The officials said the Syrian government should not interfere, that the US has a good sense of where Syrian air defenses and command-and-control facilities are located.

One official said if the Syrian military were to demonstrate that it was a threat to the US ability to operate in the area, it would put Syrian air defenses in the region at risk.

On Iran's role in breaking the two-month siege of the northern Iraqi town of Amerli in late August, the IRGC General said Iran played an "advisory role" and there was no need for sending military forces.

Elsewhere, Jafari said the IRGC Qods Force has been successful in its efforts to "train" and provide "advice" to "the oppressed people in the region."