Rouhani Urges a World Free From Sanctions

Rouhani  Urges a World Free From SanctionsRouhani  Urges a World Free From Sanctions

The president has said he longs for a world in which sanctions are not used in international relations.  

President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak in Tehran on Monday.

He also stressed Iran is serious in nuclear talks with the major powers.

"We hope our partners in (nuclear) negotiations are serious enough to work out a comprehensive deal by the deadline, and we wish that someday the term 'sanctions' be eliminated from international relations," IRNA quoted him as saying.

He referred to the long-standing relations between the two countries as a positive basis which can pave the way for increased cooperation in various areas.

The president added bilateral ties slipped into a decline as a consequence of sanctions against Iran, but at the present the ground is prepared to resume efforts to promote relations in economic, scientific, and cultural spheres.

Rouhani welcomed the Slovakia's intention to boost consultations with Iran on bilateral relations and regional and international issues and said there is good potential to enhance mutual ties not only in the economic sphere, but in cultural and scientific areas as well as tourism.

The chief executive cited the recent regional crises such as war in Gaza and Islamic State terrorist actions in Iraq and Syria as sources of great concern in the region and expressed regret over the killing of innocent civilians by terrorists.

He said in spite of "much hue and cry on the fight against terrorism," it is still necessary that the international community "gets united to do away with the phenomenon in the entire world".

Rouhani said Iran sits at the (nuclear) negotiating table with a strong determination, expressing hope that the same seriousness would be observed on the part of the other side to help achieve a comprehensive deal by the self-imposed deadline of November 24.

Touching on the sanctions imposed on some countries, he condemned "indiscriminate sanctions which target the most basic needs of people such as food, drug, and healthcare equipment."

He described weapons of mass destruction and mainly nuclear weapons as a threat to international security and called for the eradication of such weapons.

The Slovak foreign minister, on his part, expressed content over his trip to Iran, the first since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Iran and Slovakia.

"Expansion of bilateral relations is the top goal of my trip and it shows the importance we attach to our relations with Iran," he said.

He referred to nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) and said the negotiations are "tough" and "sensitive".

"We hope that the two sides will manage to reach a win-win agreement."

The Slovak official voiced concern over the issue of terrorism, calling on the world's countries, especially Iran, to use all their capacities in the anti-terror campaign.