Trump Seeking Revision of Nuclear Deal

Trump Seeking Revision of Nuclear DealTrump Seeking Revision of Nuclear Deal

The US administration’s aggressive posture toward the Iran nuclear deal is aimed at reopening nuclear negotiations to impose a more restrictive agreement on Iran, a lawmaker said.

“My prediction is that Trump will declare Iran non-compliant with JCPOA in a report to the US Congress that would use its mandate to compel those involved in the Iran nuclear dossier to agree to renegotiate the deal,” Alireza Salimi also told ICANA on Monday.

He was using an abbreviation that stands for the official title of the agreement, namely the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

US President Donald Trump is expected to decertify Tehran’s compliance with the historic pact and roll out a hostile foreign policy plan on Iran in the next few days.

A likely decertification by Trump would, by itself, fall short of pulling the US out of the accord but gives the Congress 60 days to decide whether to re-impose sanctions.

It has been in place since January 2016 to remove sanctions against Iran in return for temporary restrictions on its nuclear work.

“One of the main US goals is to make the curbs on Iran’s nuclear program permanent,” Salimi added.

The US administration officials have said JCPOA is to be revised or the United States could not stay in it.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said last month the so-called “sunset” clauses, under which some of the deal’s restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program expire from 2025, were of particular concern.

“If we’re going to stick with the Iran deal, there has to be changes made to it. The sunset provisions simply are not a sensible way forward,” Tillerson said.

Trump’s anti-deal stance has met fierce objection from the European states that helped negotiate it and even some senior members of his own Cabinet.

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