Mossad’s Top Target: Iran

Mossad’s Top Target: IranMossad’s Top Target: Iran

Iran is the primary target of Mossad’s hundreds and thousands of actions each year, Mossad head Yossi Cohen said on Monday.  

Cohen said the Israeli spy organization works within the framework of a multi-year plan that focuses on the top security and diplomatic priorities, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“The objectives of the Mossad are clear: Iran continues to hold onto its vision of attaining significant nuclear capabilities, so that it will attain nuclear military capabilities,” he alleged.

Tehran says its nuclear program is only for civilian purposes, which has been verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s regular inspections.

Cohen claimed that Iran continues to direct military and operational forces in the Middle East closer to Israel’s borders than ever before, both in Syria and in Lebanon, continues to support Hezbollah and Hamas, and continues to transfer advanced precision weaponry to militia organizations in the region.

He admitted that Mossad “undertakes hundreds and thousands of actions every year, some of which are complex and bold, in the heart of enemy states—the target countries”.

Cohen contended that the organization has a “unique ability to work in the very heart of the target, to penetrate into the most guarded and dangerous places and to return with a decisive achievement”.

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