Europe Backs JCPOA to Fend Off US Unilateralism

Europe Backs JCPOA to Fend Off US UnilateralismEurope Backs JCPOA to Fend Off US Unilateralism

Washington’s European allies are resisting the US administration’s attempt to dismantle the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to prevent the revival of US unilateralism, a lawmaker said. “The violation of JCPOA would reestablish US unilateralism, so the Europeans are seeking to safeguard JCPOA, not because of the action plan itself or the Islamic Republic, but to resist the imposition of US unilateral policies,” Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh also told ICANA on Monday. He was using the formal title of the accord, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. It was negotiated with Iran by former US president, Barack Obama, and the governments of five other major powers to curtail Tehran’s nuclear development in return for relief from international sanctions. But Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, has adopted a hostile stance against the action plan, stressing that the United States is weighing the advantages of remaining in the deal. European and other parties to the UN-endorsed agreement refuse to go along with Trump’s antagonism and have vowed to uphold the deal.

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