Call for Eliminating Nukes

Call for Eliminating Nukes
Call for Eliminating Nukes

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi called for the total elimination of nuclear weapons in the world, calling it a legal, political and moral responsibility.

“We need to fulfill this duty responsibly and continue our collective efforts resolutely. Iran will continue to remain a strong supporter of nuclear disarmament,” Fars News quoted Araqchi as saying.

The deputy minister made the statement on Tuesday, addressing a high-level plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly to promote the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

Araqchi warned that a new nuclear arms race and a new competition to modernize nuclear weapons are starting.

“Recently, we heard alarming announcement by a nuclear-weapons state that it intends to further strengthen and expand its nuclear arsenal to ensure its place ‘at the top of the pack’,” he said.

Araqchi was referring to remarks made by the US President Donald Trump in May.

“Such a statement is a clear indication of, and an explicit invitation for, the start of a new nuclear arms race,” he said.


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