Aerial Maneuvers on Western Borders

Aerial Maneuvers on Western BordersAerial Maneuvers on Western Borders

Iranian fighter jets flew across its western airspace on Sunday evening, as part of a military exercise launched by the army.

Air Force warplanes took part in the large-scale drill along the western frontiers, Tasnim News Agency reported.

During the wargame, codenamed Heydar-e-Karrar, the Air Force jets flew over vast areas of western border areas to provide logistical support for the Army Ground Forces’ rapid reaction units.

Military officials also carried out an evaluation of the Air Force’s attacking power and coordination among the Ground Forces’ airborne division, Air Force and Ground Forces in the operational zone near the city of Qasr-e Shirin in the western province of Kermanshah.

The wargame kicked off on Sunday to assess the army’s mobility readiness and attacking capabilities.

Various army units have taken part in the drill, including the armored units, airborne division, drone squad and the Ground Forces’ rapid reaction forces.

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