Speaker Holds High-Level Meetings in Syria

Speaker Holds High-Level Meetings in Syria
Speaker Holds High-Level Meetings in Syria

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani held talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Parliament Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham and Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi in Damascus on Sunday.

In his meeting with Assad, Larijani said the Iranian government has stood by the Syrian people and is ready to increase cooperation with the Syrian government to help promote regional security and stability.

Assad, for his part, said Iran's support for Syria enabled the Arab country to put up resistance against terrorists.

"Iran and Syria have managed to foil the plots hatched by the enemies and terrorists."   

In his meeting with Laham, Larijani pointed to the effective resistance of the Syrian nation against terrorists and said, "Sponsors of terrorists have been made aware of what the resistance means," ICANA reported.  

He referred to the problems that terrorists have created for the countries supporting them and said, "The government and nation in Syria have been afflicted by numerous problems, but they have managed to survive hardships and safeguard their achievements."

The Syrian top lawmaker, for his part, expressed his gratitude to the Iranian nation and government for their support for the Syrian nation.

  Political Solution  

Upon arrival in Damascus, Larijani said, "Iran backs any political solution (to the Syrian crisis) based on democracy and the public vote to help stop the killing of the Syrian people by terrorists," IRNA reported.

Larijani told reporters that Iran supports any decision by the Syrian nation as to which approach should be adopted to resolve the crisis facing the Arab state.

 He touched on the plan proposed by Russia to encourage dialogue among various Syrian political groups and said, "Moscow pursues a serious dialogue between representatives of the administration and opposition groups, which Tehran is also aware of."

He also said the purpose of his trip was to exchange views with high-ranking Syrian officials on the current situation in the region.

  Fake Campaign

Stressing that the US-led campaign against the self-declared Islamic State is a fake movement, Larijani pointed out, "the fight against terrorists is possible only through resistance of the nations."

He expressed hope that serious talks on the Syrian crisis would be held in the near future to help establish sustainable security and said, "The latest developments in the region indicated that the states sponsoring terrorist groups were trying to adopt a hegemonistic approach in the region and force out Syria from the axis of resistance."

He said it is a wrong policy that some countries "from miles away" try to exert influence to determine the future of other states.

The senior official said, "Syria has been Iran's friend for long and stood by the Iranian nation in the difficult situation created by the (eight-year Iraqi imposed) war," adding that Iran's support for Syria is meant to stop some countries from "bullying" in the region.

The parliament speaker referred to the developments occurred after the emergence of the Islamic State terrorist group and reiterated, "The countries that sponsor terrorists have found out such events will afflict themselves soon."

Heading a parliamentary delegation, the Majlis speaker arrived in Damascus on Friday as the first leg of his regional tour, which will also take him to Lebanon and then Iraq.