Envoy to UN Stresses Support for Afghan Stability

Envoy to UN Stresses Support for Afghan Stability
Envoy to UN Stresses Support for Afghan Stability

Ambassador to the United Nations reaffirmed Tehran’s support for the Afghan government and said the restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan is of paramount importance to Iran.

Hossein Dehqani said Iran has supported efforts to restore peace and stability and foster social and economic development in Afghanistan, adding, “Tehran will continue its support for the promotion of peace and stability in the neighboring country,” ISNA reported.  

The diplomat also underlined Iran’s significant role in Afghanistan’s reconstruction efforts, expressing Tehran’s readiness to enhance its security and economic cooperation with Kabul to help the country overcome challenges.

Addressing a Friday meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Afghanistan, he expressed Tehran’s deep concern over a spike in terror attacks by Taliban militants and similar groups targeting Afghan civilians and infrastructure.

Dehqan said, “The presence of foreign troops and violent and terrorist actions by extremist groups in Afghanistan have created a vicious cycle in that country … today we see the people of Afghanistan are suffering under the terrible repercussions of that situation.”  

“Terrorist and extremist groups have used the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan as a pretext to justify and expand their acts of violence and attacks against the country’s human and financial resources,” the diplomat noted.