Ditching Iran Diplomacy Would Set Bad Precedent

Ditching Iran Diplomacy Would Set Bad PrecedentDitching Iran Diplomacy Would Set Bad Precedent

The US will not just hurt its own credibility if it pulls out of the Iran nuclear deal, it will also make it more difficult to pursue dialogue with North Korea, Chinese state media said in an editorial published on Friday.

US President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday at the UN General Assembly that the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran was an “embarrassment” and the “worst ever”.

If Washington dumps an Iran deal, which is already delivering on its aims, it would not just be an embarrassment for the US and “belie the US self-touted commitment to a rule-based international order”, it will also send a signal that even if Pyongyang was willing to come to the discussion table, “the US could not be trusted to honor any deal that was reached”, the China Daily said in its commentary as cited by CNBC.

The editorial follows Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s comment on state radio on Thursday that recent tensions on the Korean Peninsula underlined the importance of the Iranian nuclear deal.


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