Trump Warned Against JCPOA Pullout

Trump Warned Against JCPOA PulloutTrump Warned Against JCPOA Pullout

A former US presidential aide warned of the repercussions of Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accord that would call into question its reliability as a deal partner.

“Pulling out of Iran deal will create a crisis with Iran and shred US credibility to do other nuke deals [e.g. North Korea]. Huge consequences,” said a Twitter message from Ben Rhodes, an advisor to former president, Barack Obama, whose administration was joined with the other five powers to negotiate the UN-endorsed deal with Iran.

It was meant to end a decade-long dispute with Iran over its nuclear program by curbing that program in return for easing international sanctions. Obama’s Republican successor, Donald Trump, however has faulted the historic accord for allegedly being too soft on Iran and is desperate to find a way to wriggle out of it.

The US partners, namely Britain, France, China and Russia plus Germany, have refused to go along with Trump’s stance.


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