JCPOA Ministerial Meeting in New York Next Week

JCPOA Ministerial Meeting in New York Next Week JCPOA Ministerial Meeting in New York Next Week
It will be the first time after US President Donald Trump took office in January that the foreign ministers of parties to the nuclear deal would be meeting to discuss its implementation

Foreign ministers of the signatories to the Iran nuclear accord will meet next week on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York to discuss Tehran's grievances about the US hostile approach toward the historic deal.

This is the second time after the pact's conclusion in July 2015 that Iran and the six parties, namely Britain, France, Russia, China and the US, plus Germany, collectively known as P5+1, get together at the ministerial level.

Under the deal, Iran acceded to time-bound restrictions on its nuclear work in exchange for securing relief from international sanctions.

The first meeting took place during the tenure of former US president, Barack Obama, whose team of diplomats spearheaded the pre-deal negotiations on behalf of the powers.

It was meant to settle 12 years of standoff with the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

But there has been a marked escalation in US hostility toward Iran since the Republican hawk Donald Trump occupied the presidential office in January.

He has sharply criticized the nuclear agreement and his performance so far indicates he is itching to derail its implementation.

In its latest anti-Iran move on Thursday, while approving waivers of some Iran sanctions, the Trump administration announced it had sanctioned 11 entities and individuals for "engaging in support of designated Iranian actors or [alleged] malicious cyber-enabled activity."

The US Treasury Department claimed these entities either supported Iran's ballistic missile program or its Quds Force, or engaged in cyber attacks against the US financial system.

It followed another broader raft of sanctions in July to punish Iran for its ballistic missile activities and alleged terrorism sponsorship, human rights violations and arms smuggling.

Trump ordered in April a review of whether the extension of sanctions relief would be in the US national security interest.

He is facing a crucial decision next month under a congressionally-mandated quarterly review about whether to recertify Iran's compliance with the accord.

"The decision to hold the Iran-P5+1 ministerial meeting was agreed during the latest meeting of the Joint Commission at the level of deputy foreign ministers and political directors," ISNA reported on Saturday, citing an unnamed Iranian diplomat.

The commission is made up of representatives from the seven parties involved in the deal and is responsible for monitoring it and handling any dispute arising from its implementation.

The panel last convened on July 21 in Vienna, Austria, at the level of deputy ministers.

The annual US General Assembly opened on September 12 and lasts until December or January.

President Hassan Rouhani is expected to address UNGA's gathering of leaders from 193 member states, known as the General Debate, on Wednesday.

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