Rouhani Calls for Syria Dialogue

Rouhani Calls for Syria Dialogue Rouhani Calls for Syria Dialogue

President Hassan Rouhani says the Syrian forces' resistance against terrorist groups indicated that it is not possible to overcome the resistance front relying on foreign aid.   

In a meeting with the visiting Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Halqi on Tuesday, the president said, "The resistance of the Syrian army and nation against terrorists taught the enemies of the country's independence and national sovereignty the lesson that they cannot defeat the resistance front or topple a legitimate government by (foreign) financial and military assistance," IRNA reported. Referring to the effective resistance put up by the Syrian volunteer and military forces against an imposed full-scale war over the past four years, Rouhani said, "The world's people today are well aware that the Syrian nation and army are battling against terrorist groups and the plots hatched by foreign countries."

The president described dialogue and political negotiations between Syria' opposing parties as the only means to address the challenges facing the crisis-hit Arab country.   

The chief executive called the Syrian official's visit to Tehran a step forward in promotion of bilateral relations and voiced support for further expansion of mutual ties, particularly in the economic sphere.

The Syrian prime minister, for his part, said, "The Syrian government and nation express gratitude to Iran for its support for the country during four years of oppressive war waged against Syria."  Halqi criticized some regional countries for sponsoring terrorists and pointed out, "The Syrian administration examines any proposed initiative which does not undermine Syria's national sovereignty and helps safeguard the country's integrity."