Government Poised to Meet Public Demands

President Hassan Rouhani has promised that his second-term government will work hard to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, sustain the high economic growth rate and eliminate extreme poverty
President Hassan Rouhani and his Cabinet renewed allegiance with the late Imam Khomeini at his mausoleum in Tehran on Aug. 27.President Hassan Rouhani and his Cabinet renewed allegiance with the late Imam Khomeini at his mausoleum in Tehran on Aug. 27.

The chief executive said his second-term Cabinet, equipped with wider experience, deeper hope and stronger will compared with his first team, is set to fulfill the legitimate expectations of the nation.

The centrist cleric, whose mandate received a significant boost in the May election, made the statement on Sunday, the president's official website reported.

President Hassan Rouhani was speaking at the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum in southern Tehran, after renewing allegiance to the late Imam Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Republic.

He was accompanied by his Cabinet, which was strongly approved by the parliament on August 20.

"More hopeful than four years ago, we have prepared ourselves for benefiting from the accumulated experience to draw on a strong will to meet people's requests" and retain their trust in the system, he said.

The 68-year-old president, a staunch supporter of broader international engagement, worked hard during his first term to revitalize the underperforming economy.

He championed the July 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, which removed harsh international sanctions, raising the hope of attracting foreign investment and technology, considered indispensible to boosting domestic production and creating jobs.

Although Rouhani managed to reign in unbridled inflation and stabilize the economy, but a combination of factors, including a plunge in global oil prices and the uncooperative approach of the US, a party to the deal, rendered him partly successful in reaching the declared goals.

Rouhani said his first team managed to take major steps to settle challenges confronting the nation and he hopes the second administration will be able to tackle even bigger challenges.

"If we receive the guidance of the Leader and have the heartening support of the nation on this path, we will surely be able to sort out the problems," he said.

The president has vowed to carry out structural economic reforms, as the government can no longer manage to run on a shoestring budget and struggle to pay a crippling debt.

He has also promised to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, sustain the high growth rate and eliminate extreme poverty.

***Impervious to Foreign Threats

Rouhani said his government, which faces a highly antagonistic US president reverting to the gunboat diplomacy toward Iran, has no fear of foreign threats and plots, and will hold its ground.

"Imam [Khomeini] did not turn a hair during an eight-year war in which all powers supported the aggression against Iran, teaching us how a nation having an iron will can foil a gamut of plots," he said, referring to the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, the longest conventional battle in the 20th century imposed by former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

US President Donald Trump seems hell-bent on ditching the nuclear deal, which he has frequently hammered as a "disaster", and since coming to power has imposed a raft of sanctions to gradually intensify US pressure on Iran.  

Rouhani has announced that the primary goal of his government is to protect the 2015 nuclear deal from being killed by the US, with the help of other signatories.


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