Call for International Action on Terrorism

Call for International Action on Terrorism
Call for International Action on Terrorism

Ambassador to the United Nations Hossein Dehqani has called on the international community to adopt firm and urgent measures to counter violence and extremism amid rising levels of violence and terrorist activities across the world.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran attaches special importance to any attempt to promote peace, tolerance, dialog and understanding among cultures, religions and civilizations," Dehqani said in an address to a UN General Assembly session on Monday, IRNA reported. The UN General Assembly had earlier adopted two draft resolutions that stressed tolerance and dialogue. The documents encouraged the world body to make efforts to promote peace and the culture of non-violence.

Dehqani expressed hope that those resolutions could help ease the suffering of the people of Iraq and Syria and reduce the support by some countries and political movements for terrorist groups.

The envoy made a reference to the international endorsement of President Hassan Rouhani's idea of "World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE)" and its subsequence approval by the United Nations General Assembly last year and said, "Such unanimous approval of the initiative reflects its significance and the need for immediate and concerted action by the world community in order to deal with extremism and violence."

The diplomat added that the final declaration of a high-level international Conference on World Against Violence and Extremism, which was held last week in Tehran, will be submitted to the United Nations in the near future to be registered as an official document.