No Conflict Between Gov't, IRGC

No Conflict Between Gov't, IRGC No Conflict Between Gov't, IRGC

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said despite the fact that the enemies make efforts to give the impression that the government and the IRGC are in conflict, there is no confrontation between them.

Speaking in a ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of the Khatam-ol Anbiya Construction Headquarters  on Tuesday, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said, "The enemies try to suggest that the administration and the IRGC are in conflict, pursuing their goal to wage psychological warfare (against us)," IRNA reported.

He referred to the years after the end of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war when the country was in dire need of reconstruction in various fields and was simultaneously afflicted by the economic sanctions imposed by the West and said, "The war and the underdeveloped infrastructure… necessitated urgent development (projects) in different areas."

The IRGC chief referred to the experience gained during the war and said the situation that arose after the war and its consequent damage prompted the IRGC to take serious steps to enter the construction field.

Jafari said the armed forces in any country are one of the most helpful sections of the society in such conditions, and in Iran, the IRGC, in view of the unique role it played during the war, expressed readiness to provide services in various areas, particularly in engineering projects.

He said the IRGC's involvement in development projects was in compliance with the Constitution, adding, "The IRGC acted well in the construction process in the country and it is still playing its decisive part."

Jafari highlighted the critical role of the IRGC in safeguarding the Islamic Revolution and the territorial integrity of the country and said, "The IRGC is officially assigned to play its due part in culture, construction, security and defense sectors and its main objective is to preserve the Islamic Revolution and its achievements."

"The IRGC's involvement in construction projects is different from being active in the economic sector because the IRGC never engages in marketing, trade and import and export activities," he added.