10 Brigades Formed to Combat Terrorism

10 Brigades Formed to Combat Terrorism10 Brigades Formed to Combat Terrorism

Iran has formed 10 rapid-response brigades to boost its counterterrorism efforts, President Hassan Rouhani’s pick for the post of defense minister said. Speaking in a meeting with members of parliament to outline his plans for the Defense Ministry on Monday, Lieutenant General Amir Hatami highlighted Iran’s significant role in the “axis of resistance” and in ensuring regional security, Tasnim News Agency reported. The general said Iran has established 10 rapid-response brigades, five in the Army’s Ground Force and five in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force, for waging a more effective fight against terrorism. Hatami described the push to boost missile capabilities and air defense power as a high priority on his agenda, if he wins the parliament’s vote of confidence. Pointing to hostile attempts to neutralize Iran’s missile power, “the Defense Ministry would prioritize plans to upgrade missile capabilities as well as its aerial, naval and ground force capabilities”, he declared.


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