Trump Questions Tehran’s JCPOA Compliance

Trump Questions Tehran’s JCPOA ComplianceTrump Questions Tehran’s JCPOA Compliance

US President Donald Trump on Thursday said he does not believe Iran is in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. He made the comments to reporters during his working vacation in Bedminster, New Jersey, after his administration certified in July that Iran is living up to its end of the bargain under the nuclear agreement, CBS News reported. The US administration is required to notify Congress every 90 days whether Iran is in compliance with the deal reached under former president, Barack Obama, and July was the second time Trump’s administration certified compliance. But on Thursday, Trump contended some “very strong things” will take place “if they don’t get themselves in compliance.”

“I don’t think they’re living up to the spirit of the agreement,” Trump alleged, without specifying the basis for making such a claim. Trump has long condemned the agreement, and on the campaign trail, pledged to rip up and renegotiate the deal. He has asked his team to review the deal, which he is apparently itching to ditch to appease his Israeli and Saudi Arabian allies. However, any unilateral walkout will isolate the US, since the other five signatories (Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) have vowed to uphold the nuclear deal they signed with Iran, as the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified Iranian compliance following six consecutive inspections.

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