Regional Trio Only Effective Anti-Terror Coalition

Regional Trio Only Effective Anti-Terror Coalition
Regional Trio Only Effective Anti-Terror Coalition

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said the coalition of Iran, Iraq and Syria has been the only group that has taken effective measures in the campaign against terrorism.

Ebrahim Aqamohammadi said on Sunday, “The fake western coalition lacks the required cohesion and clear objectives,” adding, “The axis of resistance should seriously fight against the Islamic State (IS),” ICANA reported.  

He referred to the cooperation between Iran, Iraq and Syria against terrorism and said, “The western coalition led by the US formed to battle against the IS terrorist group is nothing but a show.”

“Some European countries which have formed the alliance under the pretext of fighting terrorism have done nothing positive in this regard, while there is evidence indicating that the coalition is providing arms to the group while pretending that it is bombing their positions,” he commented.  

The member of parliament said, “The countries in the front line of resistance such as Iran, Iraq and Syria regard the IS group as a plague for the Islamic culture,” adding, “The resisting countries should wage a decisive war against the terrorists in the region, since the IS has inflicted serious damage to the infrastructures in Syria and Iraq; and it should be stressed that terrorist groups are considered spying tools for the US and the Zionist regime.”

He described the anti-IS campaign launched by Iran, Iraq and Syria as a real and ideological fight and said, “The coalition of Iran, Iraq and Syria can definitely deal a heavy blow to the IS, but the western coalition has made no contribution to the fight against terrorists as they are reportedly providing the IS group with secret military aid.”

The parliamentarian also said any coalition formed to battle against terrorism which excludes Iran and the legal government of Iraq is doomed to failure.

“If Iran, as a pivotal and influential country in the region with its great potential to deal with terrorists, is not included in the coalition, then it would be an incomplete union.”

“Since Iran considers the coalition which is made up of some western (countries) and regional states a fake coalition, which lacks cohesion and clear objectives, it will not join it,” he concluded.