Sanctions Hurt Western Interests

Sanctions Hurt Western InterestsSanctions Hurt Western Interests

The ambassador to Austria says it seems that the West’s “unjust” sanctions against Iran have harmed the interests of western and European industries and labor forces.

In an interview with the Diplomatic Society magazine, Hassan Tajik commented on the impact of EU and US sanctions on Iran’s economy and said political and economic sanctions against Iran have been more to the detriment of those who have taken such measures, IRNA reported.

The diplomat referred to the dramatic fall in the volume of Iran-EU business transactions over the past years when Europe has been experiencing an economic crisis and said in view of the fact that they are in dire need of the 80 million-strong consumer market of Iran, one will come to this understanding that “the European industrialists and labor forces are the real losers, since they have been kept away from a constructive interaction with a market which has a huge potential due to the wrong policies of their politicians.”  

He touched on the effects of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the major powers on the sanctions against the country and said, “Fortunately, since an interim agreement was reached in Geneva (in November 2013), positive developments have occurred which have served the interests of the two sides, and we hope to see the elimination of all constraints through reaching a comprehensive agreement in the near future.”

Tajik highlighted the role of the Austrian government in the nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) and said, “High-level Austrian officials have always expressed their support for the continuation of constructive talks to help find a peaceful solution and welcomed the talks between Iran and the P5+1.”