Talks Underway to Form Inclusive Cabinet

Hosseinali AmiriHosseinali Amiri

President Hassan Rouhani has started consultations with political factions to form "an inclusive Cabinet", said vice president for parliamentary affairs.

Hosseinali Amiri also said in a recent talk with IRNA that the president met with political figures and factions to hear their views over the next Cabinet lineup.

"The president stressed that the next Cabinet will be completely inclusive," he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the president met members of the reformist-moderate Hope faction that threw its weight behind him during the May presidential election, which saw Rouhani extend his mandate for another four years.

Rouhani, 68, secured a lead of 57% (24 million votes) in a race that drew more than seven out of every 10 voters to the polls. His nearest rival in the four-man race, conservative Ebrahim Raeisi, secured 38% (16 million) of the vote.

Barhram Parsaei, spokesman of the Hope Faction, said the next ministers should be in tune with the hopes and aspirations of the people who voted for him.

"The president is also set to meet with the principlist faction on Sunday," said lawmaker, Hamidreza Haji-Babaei.

The principlists, also referred to as conservatives, are one of the two main political camps inside Iran, the other being reformists. The former adhere to ideological "principles" of the Islamic Revolution’s early days.

The faction has recently stated that the president need to include conservatives in his Cabinet, arguing that 16 million people voted for their camp, a number they say cannot be shunned away.

The president is scheduled to take the oath of office on August 5 and expected to introduce his Cabinet nominees, although he is legally entitled to do so within two weeks.

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