No Significant Progress in US Anti-IS Campaign

No Significant Progress  in US Anti-IS Campaign  No Significant Progress  in US Anti-IS Campaign

A member of parliament has said the US-led coalition which was created to battle against the so-called Islamic State (IS) has achieved no significant progress in its campaign.

According to ICANA, Ezatollah Yousefian Molla said, "Syria and Iraq should be purged of terrorists as much as possible, (a drive) that would ultimately rid the region and the world of these groups."     

Referring to the role of Iran in the anti-terror fight in Syria and Iraq, he said, "Iran, Syria and Iraq enjoy similarities in terms of climate and geography," adding, "Despite the eight-year Iraqi imposed war against Iran, the two countries have had cooperation in various fields since accepting a ceasefire."

The lawmaker referred to the friendly and cordial relations between the people of Iran, Iraq, and Syria and said, "If Iran decides to intervene militarily in Iraq and Syria to fight terrorist groups, they (the armed forces) would definitely outperform the US-led coalition, since they are well familiar with the region and the climatic conditions in the countries."

He reiterated, "Terrorist groups, such as the IS and al Qaeda, have been trained in the Arab countries which are US allies, and now they are confronting the US and its regional partners."

"It should be highlighted that the coalition, which was (basically) formed to fight against the IS terrorist group, has taken no significant action in the battle," he continued.