US Seeks to Prolong Middle East Crises

US Seeks to Prolong Middle East Crises  US Seeks to Prolong Middle East Crises

The US seeks the prolongation of crises in the Middle East to be able to sell more weapons to regional countries, Iranian Parliament speaker’s special advisor on international affairs said.

In a meeting with Syrian Ambassador Adnan Mahmoud on Saturday, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian added that US efforts to prolong “regional crises such as the continuation of [the Saudi] aggression against Yemen, threatening Syria with a military attack and the perpetuation of tensions in Riyadh-Doha relations are aimed at selling more weapons in the region,” Press TV reported.

He pointed to the common stance adopted by Iran and Russia on the Syrian issue and stressed the importance of continued cooperation among the three countries.

The Syrian envoy said Iran has a leading and undeniable role in the region, adding that the US and its allies seek to undermine Iran’s regional influence.

The Syrian ambassador noted that Tehran and Damascus have a close stance on regional developments and said the Islamic Republic is playing a vital role in the battle against terrorism both in Syria and the entire region.

Mahmoud emphasized that Iran, Syria and Russia should continue consultations to help Damascus solve the ongoing crisis.


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