Call for Early Formation of Next Government

Call for Early Formation of Next GovernmentCall for Early Formation of Next Government
The new government should take effective measures with the help of the people toward boosting production and creating jobs for the youth

Leader of the Islamic Revolution has stressed the need for forming the next government as soon as possible, after the parliament announced a change in the date of the swearing-in ceremony for President Hassan Rouhani. 

"Considering the name of the year, the new government should take big steps with the help of people to boost domestic production and create jobs for the youth. These goals should be seriously pursued," Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei told a congregation for Eid al-Fitr in Tehran on Monday, which marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The present calendar year that started in March has been named the year of "Resistance Economy: Production and Employment" by the Leader. It refers to a set of policies proposed by him to help the country build resilience to foreign economic pressure.  

First introduced amid the tightening of sanctions by the US and its allies in 2011, Resistance Economy is meant to reduce overreliance on oil revenues and improve productivity.

Before and after the May 19 vote that saw Rouhani's mandate extended by 23 million plus votes out of total 41 million ballots cast, the Leader often called for a faster progress toward realizing the goals of the Resistance Economy.

Late last month, Ahmad Amirabadi, a member of Majlis Presiding Board, announced that Rouhani would take the oath of office in the parliament on August 6.

But Behrouz Nemati, another board member, said last Wednesday the inauguration date would change due to some  "considerations." He did not elaborate. 

The final date would be announced later by the presiding board. 

Rouhani will have two weeks from the swearing-in ceremony to propose his cabinet members to parliament for a vote of confidence.

The Majlis will examine the credentials of candidates in one week, and then the aspirants will appear before the lawmakers to outline their plan of action.

Ayatollah Khamenei is likely to issue a decree to endorse Rouhani on August 1 or 2.

  Unite Behind Palestine

Later on Monday, in a meeting with senior government officials and Muslim ambassadors in Tehran, the Leader urged Muslim nations to do their part in promoting much-needed unity among the ummah. 

Pointing to the deadly conflicts raging in Muslim lands, including Syria, Yemen, Iraq and North Africa, Ayatollah Khamenei said ethnic, religious and territorial divisions provoked by enemies of Islam have inflicted immense harm on Muslims. 

"Avoiding disagreements is in the benefit of all Muslims. They should unite to support the Palestinian cause [against Israel] as the foremost issue of the Muslim world and prevent it from sinking into oblivion."


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