Tehran, Moscow Review JPA on Organized Crime

Tehran, Moscow Review JPA on Organized Crime
Tehran, Moscow Review JPA on Organized Crime

Iran and Russia reviewed a three-year joint plan of action to combat transnational organized crime.

In a meeting on Tuesday in Moscow, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli and Russian Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev discussed a joint plan of action between Iran and Russia for a period of three years (2015-2017) to fight transnational organized crime, IRNA reported.

Various mechanisms to combat organized crime and exchange information in the battle against extremism are envisaged in the plan.

The document is currently being formulated by the experts at the two countries’ ministries and is planned to be signed by the two sides in the near future.

In the meeting, the Russian foreign minister said, “Iran-Russia cooperation in the Caspian Sea can be considered a priority in the plan.”

He said, “In this line, we can exchange information about natural resources and illicit drug trafficking.”

Kolokoltsev described cooperation with Iran in the campaign against illicit drugs as significant and said Moscow is prepared to expand bilateral cooperation in this field.

He also briefed Rahmani Fazli on the activities of the Russian ministry with regard to the fight against extremism.

The interior minister, for his part, expressed readiness to expand cooperation between the two ministries within the framework of the joint plan of action.

Rahmani Fazli heading a delegation arrived in Moscow on Monday for a two-day official visit, during which Iran and Russia signed an agreement to cooperate in the fight against illicit drugs.