President Urges Opponents to See Reason

President Urges Opponents to See ReasonPresident Urges Opponents to See Reason

President Hassan Rouhani has called on his political opponents to join ranks with his government in promoting a moderate and sustainable foreign policy.

Speaking at an Iftar dinner with the press corps on Thursday to break the Ramadan fast, he chided his trenchant critics for their "harsh" tone with "the government, region and the world."

"A harsh tone will get us nowhere. There is no option but moderation" and understanding with the comity of nations, Rouhani's official website quoted him as saying.

He urged the press and media outlets to uphold professional ethics. "Promoting the achievements of the government is tantamount also to highlighting the achievements of the nation."

The president did not name any newspaper or section of the press or broadcast media. Iran's radio and TV is owned by the state.

However, he seemed to suggest that the large number of media outlets owned and run by his political opponents have been biased toward his government's performance, policy and approach.

They stepped up criticism of his foreign policy and economic record ahead of the May 19 election but failed to prevent his reelection.

Conservative opposition and systematic attacks by their press have inhibited the moderate president's agenda to promote civil liberties, boost economic upliftment and build normal ties to the international community.

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