Navy Facing Hurdles in Gulf of Aden

Navy Facing Hurdles in Gulf of AdenNavy Facing Hurdles in Gulf of Aden

Littoral states in Gulf of Aden are making deliberate attempts to disrupt the presence of Iranian naval flotillas in the high seas, the Navy commander said. He, however, noted that Iranian forces continue to sail as per international law regardless of antagonistic moves. “Today, the Gulf of Aden littoral states [allies of Iran’s regional foe, Saudi Arabia] have joined hands to prevent our naval flotillas from docking in [ports] there with the purpose of indirectly blocking our presence in the high seas and international waters,” Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said in a ceremony marking the start of the 47th Navy flotilla’s mission, Tasnim News Agency reported. He did not provide details.  The Navy, nevertheless, disregards such hostile attempts and will continue with its strong presence in international waters, the commander said.  Sayyari said the Iranian flotillas pursue two main objectives in their overseas missions: “ensuring security of shipping routes and neutralizing the Iranophobia campaign.” The 47th flotilla, comprised of Alborz destroyer and Bushehr logistic warship, started its voyage on Sunday from the southern port of Bandar Abbas. It will go to Oman before sailing into international waters north of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.


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