Afghan Unity Will Foster Prosperity, Defeat Terror

Afghan Unity Will Foster Prosperity, Defeat Terror
Afghan Unity Will Foster Prosperity, Defeat Terror

President Hassan Rouhani expressed hope that “unity” and “brotherhood” among the Afghan nation would help root out terror and violence in the country.

In a meeting with Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Mohammad Mohaqiq on Tuesday, the president expressed content with the agreement reached between different political groups in Afghanistan to form a new administration.

He said, “Afghanistaan has suffered a lot from discord and friction and we hope unity and brotherhood would lead to eradication of terror and violence and bring stability, prosperity and progress (to the country),” IRNA reported. Elsewhere, Rouhani said production of narcotic drugs in Afghanistan causes damage to the whole region and stressed the need to take serious action to address the challenge. He noted, “Iran is prepared to provide the Afghan government with scientific and research assistance to help it make modifications in growing agricultural produce in an effort to decrease production of drugs,” referring to the rise in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.  

Mohaqiq, for his part, praised Iran for its aid to the Afghan nation to help establish democracy in the country and said, “Iran is not merely a neighbor for the Afghan nation, since we consider it an elder brother.”  

  Ultimate Winner

In a separate meeting, the president conferred with the visiting Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on Tuesday. The president said Iran has always been and will be standing by the people and government of Syria in their anti-terror campaign, expressing hope that the Syrian nation would endeavor until peace and calm is completely restored in the Arab country, the Fars news agency reported.

He said, “It is now known to everyone that the support for terrorists by certain states proved to be wrong and fruitless and resulted in expansion of violence and insecurity.”

Rouhani said the situation in the region and world necessitates efforts to find “political, moderate and wise” solutions to the crisis in Syria, adding, “We are certain the Syrian nation will be the ultimate winner of the battle (against terrorism).”  

The Syrian foreign minister, for his part, expressed his country’s gratitude to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation and government for their brotherly support and said, “Tehran and Damascus are (fighting) in the same front.”

Muallem also said terrorists have no mission in the region but to shed blood and criticized the US and some regional states for backing the terrorists in Syria.

He referred to the recent Israeli airstrikes on Syria and said, “The Zionists and their allies seek destruction of economic infrastructures to deal a blow to the Syrian nation.”