Arab Sheikdoms Urged to End Crisis

Arab Sheikdoms Urged to End CrisisArab Sheikdoms Urged to End Crisis

A lawmaker called on the sides involved in the serious Arab crisis arising from a rift between Qatar and some countries in the Arab world to refrain from fueling tensions and turmoil in the region. He also cautioned them that their conflict could lead to increased US interference in the region.  

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on Monday cut diplomatic relations with Qatar in a coordinated move, accusing Doha of supporting “terrorist groups” and Iran’s strategy in the region.

Qasem Jasemi blamed past foreign interference in the strategic region for such issues, saying that “this time it was Trump’s visit that led to a split between these countries,” ICANA reported.

US President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia last month where he urged Muslim countries to “take the lead” against radicalization, a call many analysts believe emboldened the Saudi rulers to adopt the hostile move against a co-member of the six-nation (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council.

It seems that after Trump’s visit “the Saudis wanted Doha to follow in their footsteps. But it did not give in,” the legislator noted, saying that that apparently led to the rare public animosity between the Arab sheikhdoms.


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